Strings of Life

Series of lightboxes that combine two different text elements.

Initially I was exploring how text worked when removed from its original setting (presenting a line from a song on its own for example), plus of course, how this new setting (a lightbox typically used in advertising and shop fronts) influences the meaning we get from the phrases.

This is typical of my work, namely, how the setting and combination of already existing ideas can cause us to re-question what we had previously assumed to know about them.

Also I am interested in how the two phrases influence each other. Deliberately I have combined phrases that have no obvious connection. This allows them to 'play' with each other and accords each viewer a very personal reading of the work.

Lightbox, perspex and cut vinyl 

97 x 27 x 17cm 

Each an edition of 7 and 2APs 

Signed and numbered on verso

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