You Might Stop The Party But You'll Never Stop The Future

A series of mixed media collages inspired by the Spiral Tribe slogan 'You Might Stop The Party But You'll Never Stop The Future'.

Found images and text (mainly from early rave period records, flyers and associated paraphernalia) were photocopied and screen printing screens made from them. Each work is then built up piece by piece from these screens and various collaged elements. Everything is applied element by element, sometimes printing over the collage items, sometimes visa-versa.

I have no preconceived idea of the finished pieces when I start, they evolve as I am making them with each element applied influencing the next. This is a fun way to work and I like that it takes me out of my 'head' and into a more unconscious way of working. I guess it's as close to 'painting' as I get.

I was reading a lot about  William Burroughs 'cut-up' techniques and this also influenced the work. Often after I had selected an image to use I would cut the image out looking only at the reverse of the source material. This obviously only gave me a rough idea of where the image was, leading to much looser cropping and encouraged 'accidents' to be part of the finished pieces.

Acrylic, oil stick & collage on paper

Paper size 57 x 46 cm

Signed on front and framed

I only have a couple of unframed pieces left, email for details:

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